What is a worker of Light?

A worker of Light is any person emanating from the love and positive energy. Simple is not it? So, as soon as you do negative reviews, experience anger or other emotions … you are no longer on the side of the Light.

The Shadow loves to put you in situations where you express negative. Be it by the words read on Facebook or elsewhere, on television, in newspapers or other media. So, make yourself responsible, if you are not yet able to be neutral with respect to certain situations, events, people, etc., abstain for the moment. Feed as much as you can on any form of positive food (reading, relationship, television, etc.).

You are a Lightworker or you are not!

Ask the assistance of your guides, guardian angels or other incarnation of the Divine who want to assist you towards neutrality in a turbulent situation. Master St-Germain is excellent for refocusing on the heart and in neutrality. Master Lady Portia guides you to reduce your criticisms and judgments. Melchizedek is the master to invoke to align you with your own truth …

You are subject to the energies of all, and at this time the negative energies are strong. Do not embark on negative schemes. You have come here to experience patience, for sure we will play with your patience. You have come experience anger, so watch out for angry energies, etc.

Meditation allows you to realign with your higher self.

Ask yourself the following question every time you do, say, write something. “Am I in alignment with my Soul, this act, this statement?”

Do not forget the Law of Return Friends!

Our goal, dear worker of Light, is to raise the vibration of the Earth! Think about it before you communicate anything! Be Light!

N.B .: It’s something to live, from time to time, some negative situations, even that it’s evolutionary, on the other hand the writings on the net viral sound, so you no longer play in favor of the Light. Turn your tongue 7 times before expressing yourself!

P.S .: This is above all a memo to me from me!

thank you for reading me!

I like You!

Chantou ♥♥♥

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