Complete Tarot Training

Complete Tarot workshop 23 weeks

This Tarot training brings:

  • This training will tone the muscles of intuition and more…
  • You will learn more about yourself
  • You will learn to recognize the energy of each major Arcanum
  • You will heal at different levels of your life, in your opening and your Divine plan
  • You’ll improve your communication with your unconscious, your Soul, your Divine part,
  • your guides, the Sources, etc.
  • You will learn how to interpret your dreams or improve your knowing at that level
  • You will, increasingly, be open to the signs that life sends you
  • Through exercises and your dreams… You will align with your life mission,
    and this in a precise way
  • You will learn how to do Soul readings  for you and also for others…
    And much, much more!

Tarot Course Description

This course consists of 23 courses, 22 of which are connected to the Major Arcana while the 23rd is an overview of the Minor Arcana, possible associations, seasons, etc.
To enable you to successfully integrate the content and the energy of each arcane, I suggest you to invest at least one week for each course.
The course is taught once a week and during the following days, you do the exercises. We meet every week for 23 weeks, in person at my office in Valleyfield or by phone, Skype or Hangout for those who bought individually training. And, online, for those who bought a group training on the internet.
The courses consist of a theoretical part and a practical part. The practical part describes the arcane’s: personality, symbol, numerology, directions and card description, astrological house, universal law, affirmation, description of the items on the card, etc. In the practical part we find, meditations, questions to answer, you are asked to sleep with the card 5 nights, then write your dreams the next day, suggestions of books to read, movie suggestions to listen, describe what the energy of the card brings you in your daily life, etc.

Tarot Training:     Individual
When: By appointment
How: In person at my office, by phone, Skype or Hangout
1 hour / week, private coaching for 23 weeks
Regular price: $ 40 / week ($ 920)
Special: $ 777
Registration: Click HERE

Tarot Training:     In group
When: Date to come
How: Online, on the web, in the comfort of your home
1 hour / week for 23 weeks
Special: $ 333
Registration: Click HERE

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