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Soul Reading and Tarot
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Chantal Leduc


Hello my name is Chantal Leduc, ♪ ♫ Chantou.
I’m … … Mediatrix Divine Life Coach (NLP) … writer …
I do … Soul Soul readings … coaching … Energy consulting …
I bring what I channel … when personal consultation, conference, training, online issue …
I get to the evolution and healing more …

And much more!

… I am serving my Soul and Soul all wanting to be guided by me on the way of life! Thank you,
it is an honor for me to be your channel for this moment!

I love life!


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My services

Soul Reading

For me, Soul reading
is simply a reading of your energy in the moment. To do if I connect to your energy, your soul, your guides (guide animal, angel, archangel, deceased, be light, fairies, ascended masters, etc.), your guardian angels and all energies present and I convey to you what I get for your evolution, your healing at the time of reading.

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training Tarot

Tarot comprehensive training

23 weeks

Training description of Tarot

This training includes 23 courses, 22 of which are connected to the Major Arcana while the 23rd is an overview of the minor arcana, possible associations, seasons, etc.

Training: Individual

Training: In group

All product of TAROT

Workshop Live « online »

How: the web from the comfort of your home

You will receive a link via email a few days before the course and you can listen live or replay. The link will be valid 30 days after registration, you can even record and play back later as you like. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during live training.


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Workshop Record « online »

Training which has already taken place via internet

mp3 recording made from Chantal Leduc formation to live with people via the Internet. So, do not consider the appointed dates and some details mentioned having to relate with the process used at the time.


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The energy of the Masters

The energy of the Masters is a series of trainings that will take place once a month describing the purpose of ascended masters, gods, archangels, etc. as I receive such guidance as needed … the greatest number.
You will receive tools and multiple knowledge every month from various Masters.
Ganesh, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Isis, Kwan Yin, Boudah
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Energy Healing 2 or 4 Hands

Energy healing
with Chantal

Energy healing with
bare hand Intervention
harmonization of chakras

Energy healing
with Chantal and Michel
energy healing with soul reading


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