What is a Soul reading?

For me, Chantal Leduc, a soul reading is simply a reading of your energy in the present moment. To do so, I connect with your energy, your soul, your guides (animal guides, angels, archangels, deceased loved ones, Light Beings, fairies, ascended masters, etc.), your guardian angels and all energies present and I transmit to you what I receive for your evolution, your self-healing at the time of the reading. Yes, it is possible that I may see, hear, feel things connected with your past and your future. Especially, if your soul asks you to cut certain karmic cords or if you have questions. Yes, I can see, hear and / or feel your guides. In fact, I serve has a channel for them. I hear the voice of your soul and tell you what it is trying so bad to tell you! In other words, I am ONE with your energy the time of the Soul reading.

My mission at that time, is to transmit to you what I get for you to move on your life path with more energy, more prosperity and that at different levels. For you to be, increasingly, in alignment with your essence! I will also coach you in that direction.

Moreover, I am also a channel while I do the Soul reading, to transmit  the energies from the Sources, celestial and terrestrial… and at the same time I may open up more fully your heart chakra, ground you more, purifying your channel and your energy, etc.

I will transmit whatever I receive for you to live a more energetic and abundant life, and that at all levels!

I also answer your questions. Questions for which until now you had no answers.

All this with no other tool than my channel, and if I do not receive, so then I use a different medium for the reading as tarot cards or any other tool for which I am guided to use.

In person at my office in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, by phone, Skype or audio recording can be sent by email

To reserve your space contact me directly!

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Thank you!
Love, Light, Abundance, Peace and Joy in your heart!
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Chantou ♥♥♥

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