We are Angels-humans

We are Angels-humans

It comes from one of your mind extensions …

Past or future …

So, that’s why it’s important to know the Source or rather to recognize that you are channeling an emotion of you not belonging to the here and now …

Since you in the here and now, you are evolved and ready to heal this memory that comes precisely to you since you have the possibility to transcend it …

To transcend it is why this memory comes to you in the here and now.

In the here and now, you have the opportunity to heal.

In the here and now, you have the opportunity to transform your story and write another much brighter and happier.

Your story is written by you, you are the author.

So, it’s up to you to choose the different colors of your Life!

Your destiny belongs to you!

“Learning to listen to our soul is the greatest of soul magnitudes!”

Love, Light, Peace and Joy in your heart!

Chantou © with the complicity of my guide Eyesha

Chantal Leduc – September 17, 2015

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